I love multi-genre mixes. Anita Bass LLC pointed me in the right direction when she passed on this latest mix by A Queen Aminah this morning. We definetly want to get it up for our followers to enjoy. I had a blast listening to it. The mix ran me through a gauntlet with multiple genres of house, techno, break beats, jungle, some really trippy stuff at the end pushing it to another level. The whole mix had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what the next track was going to sound like. I quoted Aminah’s description of the mix below, along with the tracklist.

“Multi-genre MIX from XOXA’s Synergy on Edinburgh’s EHFM LIVE. We go on journey from 130 bpm- 160 bpm with lots of cute tracks from my favorite producers which were all purchased on Bandcamp Friday.”

1. Kempston Hardwick – Step with Me
2. PlayPlay – Beep Me
3. Ramzee – Nobody Cares
4. Sepha – Ha Dance Club
5. Jae JBW + Noir – Hornz Bang
6. Chande + Your Boy Kiran – Pain Puri Pirates
7. Omi – Slowww140
8. Foura – My truth (funky dub) featuring Emily Zaluzna
9. Jordss – Acting Shady
10. DJ Swisha – DJ problem
11. Byrell the Great- Wild FTN
12. Oceantied – Reality
13. PlayPlay – Batman Breaks
14. Boobinga – Make me feel
15. DJ LP – Heaven
16. Portway – Carbine
17. Pawn – Your words (Moresounds Remix)
18. PlayPlay – Flamingo Footwork
19. Eric Uh- 1976
20. Jana Rush – Chill mode

Queen Aminah is also 1/2 of a DJ/Producer duo named Plock Party. Partnered with Plockasaurus, they are a dope tag-team, throwing down house, juke, breaks, and hip-hop. I was able to dig up one of their latest livestreams on YouTube. Very cool video!

Graveyard Radio is excited to have such an awesome artist now on our radar. Hope you enjoyed this mix as much as we have.