Just in time to spice up your Halloween plans, LUCIFER drops their fourth album, simply titled “LUCIFER IV.” I had never listened to them prior to this, so hearing them for the first time was quite a delightfully evil surprise.

The songs on the record were refreshingly new but felt familiar, it’s like Blue Oyster Cult had a love child with an angel that spent its weekends with uncle Black Sabbath.

The album spans 11 songs across almost 46 minutes and not a second of it is wasted. Among the tracks, Crucifix (I Burn For You), Bring Me His Head, and Cold as a Tombstone, were just a few that stood out to me. The mix of crunchy riffs and smooth grooves intertwined with lines like,

“They do not understand
This morbid covenant
Baby, take my hand
If this ain’t sacred I’ll be damned

We’ll ride wild hearses
You and I
Past tombs and churches
We’ll ride wild hearses
You and I”

-Wild Hearses, the delivery from vocalist Johanna Platow Andersson really bring home their sound.

Earlier this month they released a new video for Crucifix(I Burn For You)

The video is a sequel to the last one, “Bring me his head”

Speaking about the video, Johanna Platow Andersson stated: “We are thrilled, it was shot in one take with a vintage 70s tube camera just like its predecessor by photographer Crille Forsberg and directed by Amir Chamdin. It has been a true honour to work with them, especially considering the astonishing portfolios they have under their belt. They’ve literally worked with anyone from The Hellacopters to Adele, from Ghost to Pharrell Williams. Very notable for me personally was Crille shooting David Bowie’s very last video “Lazarus.” That shook me to the bone. Well, and now they’ve worked with Lucifer. What a bloody workday it was!” (Source- Metal Forces Magazine)

Hailing from Stockholm, Lucifer released their first album in 2015 and have been busy in the studio and on the road ever since. Currently on tour with “Dead Lord” they are no strangers to the tour circuit. Playing across the US, Canada, Japan’ and Europe as well as international festivals like The KISS Kruise, Psycho Las Vegas, Hellfest, MetalDays, Sweden Rock and Desertfest. Lucifer will rock you one way or another. Overall the album is a solid addition (I need to go listen to the first three now) and should be checked out by fans new and old. Upcoming tour dates below.