Today is the day! Intent to Deliver’s debut is here! It is available on all platforms! This is something real special from Guerrilla Noise, and my favorite release so far. We got that teaser at the begging of the week, and we introduced it, so let’s check it out.

*Update 10/30/21 – Since the publication of this article yesturday, Intent to Deliver has reached #39 on the Beatport 100 Charts in Tech House.

The first track has a dark, defiant sound. Even in the opening with the cowbell, I feel like something is coming. The train slowly starts to move, picks up with that snap of a snare, that’s when you hear a sonic whistle, and that clever break. Then we begin to get hit with a loop and manipulated sample, “On the subject of narcotics, we find the defendant guilty,” and now we have a theme. The track is the darker, more moody track of the 2 track EP.

This track is definetly the party track. Teased last week, with a fantastic moment of nostalgia for all of us, “All Night Long” could for-sure get thrown on to set a more sexy mood. I love tech house that’s not overly tech, if that makes any sense. For me, the nu-disco vocal deffinetly seals the deal. Nice and chill tune to make those hips gyrate.

We also get 2 trippy videos to go along with the release, our hero got some skills on the visual tip.

The man behind Intent to Deliver is celebrating his birthday today, and he’d like you all to come out to Coterie to celebrate with him.. This is 100% the place to be in Indy tonight with primo talent and good vibes to be had. Don’t forget to hit up those Beatport links for my man here.