I’ve been following Obscene since their formation before they dropped their 1st EP, “Sermon to the Snake.” I ordered the cassette tape and I’ve been hooked since. I haven’t had a chance to mention these guys yet, better late than never.

If bands like Obituary, Asphyx, and Necrot are your thing, Obscene is the band for you. Vocalist, Kyle Shaw belts some of the most torturous, and unhinged screaming I have ever heard.

Which brings me to there first full length LP, “The Inhabitable Dark.” It consists of 32 minutes and 28 seconds of some of the most brutal old school death metal laid down in this modern era. It doesn’t let up. A couple nicely placed samples, while ending all that brutality with an earie piano melody, it gives things a nice touch. Also worth mentioning, they snagged legendary artist, Mark Riddick to do the artwork. I proud that a band like this came out of Indianapolis.

The band posted several updates as they were recording LP number 2 on social media. Last post from the studio was October 5th. Word around the campfire is the album will be released sometime 2022.

Your next chance to catch Obscene play will be in Chicago on November 24th. See flyer below and swing by the event page for all the details.