I took a trip down memory lane last night. Lust, Lords of Acid’s first LP hits a 30 year milestone this October 25th. Lords of Acid have been a part of many people’s experience in various underground music sub-cultures. They were one of my first introduction’s to dance music next to DJ Keoki in the early 90’s. Since I like to remind everyone how old we are now, I thought it was a good time to take a trip back.

Lords of Acid dropped their first single, “I Sit on Acid,” in 1988. It would appear on their first full length LP, Lust, later released in 1991 after the release of several 12 inch singles. “I Sit on Acid” and “Hey Ho” were already huge club hits by the time it was released.

They would go on to be iconic not only in rave/dance circles, but respected in industrial/goth circles as well, getting the KMFDM remix treatment on some of their later tracks. One of my favorite artist’s, Leaether Strip, just released a cover of “I Sit on Acid” on October 22nd.

Lords of Acid have also been dropping NFT’s this year to celebrate their expansive career.

On October 20th released one for “I Must Increase My Bust” for the Lust LP. It has already sold out. They have several more drops coming in the near future though. If that’s your thing, you haven’t totally missed out yet.

In 1992 Entertainment Weekly rated Lust a B saying, “Lords of Acid, whose dance hit (“Take Control”) is a futuristic anthem, lace erotic choruses (“I Must Increase My Bust”) with funny-farm sound bites, spiraling sirens, and spanking beats on Lust to come up with a sound that’ll send you into a tailspin.” They also have a 4½ star review on All Music. Caroline Records claimed in a 1999 Billboard Advert, the LP had sold “400,000 copies without any major press or airplay.”

It’s also worth mentioning, one of techno’s living legends, Richie Hawtin, did a remix for “I Must Increase My Bust” on 1999’s Expand Your Head remix compilation.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Lords of Acid social media pages to see if any more sweet treats drop to go along with the Lust LP’s 30th Anniversary.