As longtime readers and listeners know, Graveyard Radio has a lot of love for DJ Fate. We’ve kind of been out the loop a little, but that’s okay. I’m always playing catch-up. So, here is the skinny. Last year DJ Fate dropped another EP, “Gnome What I’m Sayin.” There is a definite theme. We have lots of gnomes in this feature to cover, so hang tight!

I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this bad boy because this 3 track EP is a lot of fun and and delight to bang out. “Gnome What I’m Sayin” can be purchased and downloaded at Tracksource.

This brings us to Fate’s latest mix. “Gnome Disco.” This mix has everything in it I’ve about her mixes. It’s disco, it’s funky, it’s the house that lifts you up and make you want to go hard on the dance floor. Speaking of dance floors, that brings us to other “Gnome Business.”

Graveyard Radio’s live event correspondent, Pheobe, has partnered up with Fate to co-found Gnomes on Parade Productions, and their 2nd edition of DUCKPIN DISCO 3000 is tomorrow!

This month they are doing a Birthday Celebration for Gizzmo. We are also very excited about sets from Graveyard Radio favorite, Jin-XS, who will be throwing down some electro swing. Let’s not forget discOBEY, who recently released some tracks himself. Let’s not forgot this month’s artist spotlight, Krayola Markey! RSVP at official event page for all event details, and we’ll keep an ear to the street and try to catch DJ Fate’s next release in a more timely manner.