We are going to rev up the Graveyard Radio Official SoundCloud and Phobik was the first to deliver an exclusive mix on this run. It’s a DNB/Jungle Mix packed with remixes, a plethora of rappers, MC’s, and banging bootlegs. I was down, I’ve been on a big hip-hop kick lately.

Phobik also has a livestream coming up this Saturday on KINGS CONNECT RADIO. Head over to and check them out.

With Phobik part of the Viral-Mental Recordings, he even threw an upcoming release from HEKTIC! This hit the spot. Full track list below!

00-Quarantine Intro #2
01-DRS Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley – The View (Original Mix) [Soul-R]
02-Dwele – Think I Love You (Zero T Remix) [White Label]
03-Erykah Badu – On & On (Al Pack Bootleg) [Dub]
04-Dave Owen – Cry Baby (Original Mix) [Vibration]
05-BCee Ft. Villem & Frank H Carter III – I Believe [Spearhead]
06-D Bridge – Since We’ve Been Apart [Shogun Audio]
07-Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions [Critical Music]
08-Redeyes – Goodnight Brooklyn (Original)
09-Jill Scott – He Loves Me (soulTec & B-Pro-Booty) [Dub]
10-2Pac – Happy Home (Miss Guided Booty Remix) [Dub]
11-Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (Al Pack & Sy High Bootleg) [Dub]
12-DJ Marky & XRS vs TLC – LK (King Maximo No Scrubs Edit) [Dub]
13-Pharrell – Happy (MSDOS Rework Mix) [Dub]
14-James Brown – I Feel Good (L-Side Bootleg) [Dub]
15-M.I.S.T. – Love Thing [LOVE 080 – 2003 Dub]
16-Calibre Ft. MC Fats – Drop It Down (Original Mix) [Signature]
17-Group Home – Supa Star (I-Cue Remix) [Ingenious Music]
18-Drake – One Dance (Heist DNB Booty) [Dub]
19-Upgrade (UK) & T>I – SHOTDOWN [Dub]
20-Fineprint – Rockaz (Original Mix) [Liondub]
21-Danny The Wildchild – Trouble [Liondub]
22-Ray Keith – Renegade (T>I Minimal VIP) [Dread]
23-KC – Bring The Pain [Dutty Bass Audio]
24-Jaxx – Last Straw [Zombie]
25-K-I – Lost [Kevlar Beats]
26-Enei & Particle Ft. Jakes – Fame [Critical Music]
27-Merikan – Evideon [Blackout Music NL]
28-Waeys – Ultimatum [Overview Music] 29-War – Heat VIP [Dispatch] 30-Screamarts – The Breach [Blackout Music NL]
31-Kit Curse & Akinsa – Broken Dreams [Onset Audio]
32-Incorporate – Things About To Happen [Inception Audio]
33-Skope (aka Malux) – Regretz [Slug Wife]
34-HEKTIC – This Style (Original Mix) [Forthcoming on Viral-Mental]
35-DJ DIREKT – Extraction (Original Mix) [Viral-Mental]
36-ANON – Untitled [Dub]