Manic is a bad ass drum and bass DJ and has helped and supported Indy’s dance scene for a long time. Manic has a weekly show every Sunday on at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time that has been going for some time. He is also has had some exceptional contributions to

He delivers a consistent, sick mixture of Drum and Bass across multiple sub genres. A junglist through and through.

I caught up with him a awhike back coming off his Undercover 2.0 Fest and picked up a couple bits.

On how long Manic has been spinning and early influences. He has been in this game a long time.

“Started collecting vinyl in the early/mid 90s (father was an avid collector) started playing around w/ turntables (rave related) around 95/96…
Got my 1st set early 97″

He covers the “WHOLE SPECTRUM” these are just a few recents…

“Klinical, Wingz, Offline, The Sauce, YANNO, Alix Perez… I pull from A LOT of camps atm… so much good stuff and my crates are busting at the seams…”

I asked him about early influences and how he got into the dance scene. Like most people I talk to in dance music and the DJ game, Manic has pretty underground taste in music coming up. I love meeting people who made their transition from Industrial to dance music. A DJ is a true lover of music from all genres. Manic demonstrates that.

“It was when I was heavy in punk scene started going to raves… gabber basements at like 180bpm straight thrashing it!”

Yeah, I forgot to mention, he started out with Gabber. It had been awhile since I have even heard anyone say that word.

“I actually fell in love with punk and moved onto industrial. When I found Industrial I knew I was on the right path.”

He also was real excited to share with me this mix featured on the “Atmospheric Podcast” along with some other fantastic DJs that had just dropped.

Manic described this mix ad his “1st heavy handed in the jump up arena mix for a buddy out the windy city”

It’s a really dope mix!

Manic has also successfully thrown 2 underground electronic music festivals in the last 2 years.

Know as “Undercover” these are locally loved events last all weekend in a secret location as a community building exercise for local DJs and Artists in the Indiana and surrounding areas to gather together and share ideas and the such.

Thank you Manic for your time and what you do.

Don’t forget to tune in every Sunday at 12 EST on to catch Manic’s New Science Radio!