Diablo had made video of his own music and travels to go along with his latest mix he had been working on, which became a graveyardradio.net exclusive mix last month for it’s official release. Yesturday he made that video public on YouTube.

This is a mix was done while deep in the woods in the mountains. Living in the woods with amenities and extremities would challenge the average person’s constitution. However, I lived with the land not on the land. This is an exact documentation of everything that was going on in my life and the dankness that the unique weather and amazing weed that offers a piece of mind and invokes creativity. Even when doing mixes in the deep woods. Thanks for watching and listening.” -Diablo Syndrome

The video consists of amazing footage of the Pacific North-West. Literally over the river and through the wood. It’s absolutely stunning and the music is banging as well.

After the mix aired I had a chance to meet up with Diablo to do a little promo for the the Graveyard Radio SoundCloud release.

You can read the full feature we did for Diablo Syndome here and have a listen to the exclusive mix below.

Feature photo courtesy of @singthevoid