On behalf of, I was lucky enough to have Phoebe, David, and Jason at Electric Beanfield last weekend to get us a little insight, in writing, and a bunch of picture to throw up on the website. Some of my favorite local DJs were playing and we wanted to show our support and appreciation to Indy Mojo Staff and the artists involved for what they have done for the bass music scene in Indiana. Hope you guys enjoy.

~Spike Heart

“Nestled in the middle of the suburbs right behind Deer Creek and surrounded by soybeans is Sleepy Bear campground and the home of Electric Beanfield. This was the most drama-free event I have ever attended. There was a real sense of community. With everybody willing to lend a helping hand.”

“This brings me to the one low point of the weekend. It is also the only thing not in anybody’s control. Unless you can control the weather then I will need you to email me. There were some storms on Friday night that were in sharp contrast to the weather the rest of the festival. For the most part the weather was wonderful. Warm, dry, and sunny.”

“This was the first time Indy Mojo has thrown a show at Sleepy Bear in 6 years. Those people that were there then and there now felt like a homecoming. The music on two stages, the Main Stage overlooking the camping and the Loony Bin inside the barn, started at 5 on Friday. Both stages sounded fantastic and you could hear the main stage from every camp. Vendors formed a U around the wide open area in front of the stages with all the campsites set up behind them. All the DJ’s were absolutely on point and we couldn’t of been happier with the lighting and visuals”

“Food vending was provided by Smooth Eatz and Chick’s Catering and Concessions who worked hard making sure everybody was fed. At 10 each night the main sound at each stage shut down and the silent disco began. To participate all you had to do was turn over your ID and agree to the terms of service then turn in the headphones at the end of the night. These headphones had each stage playing on a different channel and volume control. So even when the rain came Friday night everybody was able to keep on enjoying the music. It wasn’t until later that night things got nasty.”

“Between 4:00 and 4:30 am the winds picked up and came ripping through the camp grounds. Multiple tents and easy ups were destroyed. Including two vendor’s set ups. One of them was lucky enough to get their things out of harm’s way but Lindsey from Techno Color Art wasn’t so lucky. Her entire vend was destroyed with lots of her original art. We ask that you follow her on Instagram and support her anyway you can. She also has an Etsy shop, so go check that out an show some love.”

“Music started up again on the main stage Saturday morning with a Sunrise set and then didn’t stop till almost 5 am, long after the last person was scheduled to play. As people woke up and started to pack up to leave, a few of the staff and artists decided to do another sunrise set and we got an additional 3 hours of unscheduled music.”

“It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend. We want to give a shout out and a thank you to Candice Cherco and the rest of the Indy Mojo Crew. With a special thanks to Matt Ramsey who has been helping to build this scene for over a decade now. Sincerely, thank you.”

Writing Credits:
Phoebe “Squirrel” Dutton
David”Space boy” Denman

Photo Credits:
Phoebe “Squirrel” Dutton
David”Space boy” Denman
Jason ” Universal Vibe” Morall