More great mixes from the underground hit my radar this week and people liked last weekend’s feature so much, I decided to do it again with some stuff that’s popped up. Before we get to the mixes though


A Special Message from Diablo Syndrome

Next Saturday, Graveyard Radio’s first show on waxradioindy.com will premiere at 6 PM EST. One of the exclusive mixes we’ll have for you is an all original mix set from Diablo Syndrome. Check out just a small sneak peek in the video and then check out all the other amazing stuff on his Instagram. I will have a full feature coming out on Diablo Syndrome and what to expect from the rest of the show in a few days. Stay tuned.


“I’m no turntablist I just like to wear wigs and scratch. lol”

Discobey may not claim to be a turntablist, but he sure is working on those scratch moves in this recent Instagram post. One of my favorite house DJs in the city, Kene continues to mesh so many funky house beats together in his output below, I can’t stop grooving. This is definitely my weekend favorite and is going to get a few plays from myself.


This mix was getting serious hype leading up to it’s release. It did not disappoint. Seemingly blending Detriot Techno and Chicago House, this mix is all fluffy with those old-school midwest rave vibes. It was a delightful listen.


Jungle Snacks Vol. 34

Mark Moss is still cranking out his “Jungle Snacks” series! I recall when he started these tight 30 minutes mixes of jungle and drum and bass music. Going off shear memory, I’m saying it was at least a year ago now and we are up to volume 34. Mark has also been featured on Anita Bass LLC in the past and we are glad he is still doing the damn thing! Big ups to Impulse Detroit for sharing this mix and bringing it to our attention.


I told Tim I like my techno hard and dark and that’s what he delivered was Shadow Work. On my morning commute while listening to it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fucking Matrix. Lot’s of twists and turns in this one! Artwork is totally badass! I suddenly have this huge to play Cyberpunk. Great stuff!


That not enough Techno you say? John Scott hit me up to introduce this newest member of Techno Haute Culture, 9five7. This was just dropped a few days ago and is the second mix I’ve heard from Chris. I don’t know what’s being put in the water in Terre Haute but I want some it. This up and comer is deffinetly someone to keep an eye on.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to keep it locked to graveyardradio.net for a new feature covering our amazing talent coming to next week’s show in the following days.