Been a while since we had a weekend update. Going to make this quick and just drop some bomb mixes from some of my favorite people that have put out new mixes this week. Let’s check them out!

Octane Amy

You already know Octane Amy is a graveyardradio.net favorite. She was featured on Impulse Detroit a few weeks back. She is bringing lava hot fire with this one on 3 decks! Don’t sleep on this!

Bus Bee

Speaking of Impulse Detroit, Bus Bee recently made a contribution as well. There is a lot of amazing drum and bass here. We are happy to share it with you.

Aldo Sanchez

Aldo Sanchez, part of The Usual Suspects is bringing some hard techno on this one. This is his recorded set from #TNL a couple weeks back.


Phobik never stops bringing the heat! This is his latest selection of dnb and some of these tracks are my top favorites in the genre right now. This mix is not for the faint of heart.

Big Wurm

Just dropped today, Big Wurm is bringing more heavy dub-step to get you headbanging this weekend with Fresh Dirt Vol. 6

So much great stuff! We hope you get a chance to check some of it out. Hope all of you have a safe and fun weekend!