Back to Jungle 2! +Necronome006 – Wow! ++Charivari Radio Wants You! Phobik’s Latest Blazer!

So much to get to and so little time. So if I left you out, don’t trip, we will have more at on Saturday! Baby, we are just scratching the surface!

Charivari Radio are out of Detroit and they are not small players. Like clockwork, they bring dope session after dope session. Well it appears they got a lot more in the works. They have been posting all around social media looking for talent. Below is a direct quote from the Anita Bass Official Community.

“Everybody has something to say. Every DJ has something to play. We want to hear it! 1000 DJs every Sunday on Charivari Radio. We have a long way to go. So much music to hear. Join the party. Come take a look at what we are building.

Go check them out! Tell them Anita Bass LLC and Graveyard Radio sent ya. Also, be sure to tune in Tuesday’s at 8 P.M. EST for Impulse Detroit. Below is a mix Miss Bass turned me onto. I just finished banging it out on my drive home. High quality! No filler!


Like it hard and dirty? I bet you do. Necronome006 featuring Sinister Assault and Koruptid(See mix above) have produced some of the darkest, nastiest, hardcore drum and bass tracks I have heard in a minute. You knew I’d be all over this soon as I saw the Pentgram! 100% Graveyard Radio approved! Definitely making sure I follow Necronome Recordings on Bandcamp as of today. They are even doing physical vinyl releases of these recordings!

Back to Jungle LP Vol. 2 Pt. 1 is upon us as of March 26th. Talk about massive! There is going to be 3 parts to this release adding up to 56 tracks with all of them combined. If you need that old-school jungle roller vibe, look no futher! Check it out and pick it up at Juno Download!


Live Twitch Broadcast Recording – Black Dust

Last time we were in action, Phobik was releasing so many mixes out of Chicago, I couldn’t keep up. 10 months later, and nothing has changed. When you have Danny the Wildchild doing your intros, you know you are doing something right. Listen below for more of those consistent, dirty, drum and bass delivered by the one and only, Phobik!

That’s all I can fit in for now but, we will be back soon! Take care!