Graveyard Radio and Anita Bass LLC partner up at!

Hello everyone and first off, welcome to I hope everyone is healthy and feeling good. It’s a good feeling that we are all going to be out of this pandemic. Everyone is getting the underground nightlife fired back up soon. With that happening, it was time for Graveyard Radio to start new. We are proud to announce we have a new home at

I will be broadcasting a special 2 to 3 hour show on Wax Radio once a month. I will be presenting Graveyard Radio and Anita Bass LLC exclusive mixes, as well as some of my own output.


Speaking of Anita Bass LLC, Miss Bass will be doing a feature on one a month. She has some great artists, DJs, and other Projects she will be promoting on the new platform. Since the pandemic, we switched the old station community that me and her built to the Anita Bass Official Community. The content over there is filled with underground DJ’s who post mixes and livestreams. The community is oozing with great music and we at will be proud to be sharing and promoting some of that stuff here on the website and featuring it on Wax Radio. However, Miss Bass would like me to mention that everyone check out Siren Project’s up coming live stream coming up this Saturday March 27, 2021 on Twitch.

That’s all we have time for in this update. Be sure to follow here and all the appropriate channels on social media for further updates and news in the near future.