Yoooo! Diablo Syndrome has a new weekly show on! If you are a fan of Garveyard Radio, you should be a fan of Diablo already. He’s done several exclusive mixes for us, going back to 2019. Diablo has been in music all his life and has been curating one great show. Diablo will be taking your request’s and playing music from all genres.

From hip-hop to Industrial, Diablo will be bringing mad flavor every Thursday at 5 PM EST. This show is an excellent way to blow off steam towards the end of the week. Whether you tune in while stuck in rush-hour traffic, or rolling up a fatty at home, this show will give you the best content from everywhere on the spectrum to get you through the rest of you week. Think of it as a pre-party, to the pre-party!

Diablo will also be dropping news of upcoming events, giving words of wisdom, and showing love for you and all things music to brighten your week. Episode 2 will AIR this Thursday 8-25-2022 at 5 P.M. EST on You can conveniently tune in on your smart phone by downloading the myTuner app and searching for Wax Radio, Indianapolis. Make sure to call us and leave a message for any shout outs or requests at 317-824-9067. You never know, you just might be on the radio.

Also be sure to check out Diablo’s latest mix for Graveyard Radio.