We got a hell of a mix for you to check out this weekend courtesy of Anita Bass. Jay Soirée has been an MC since 1997. Known as MC Infinity, Jay performed a lot for Koncrete Jungle, Ohio. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Jay has also been a big contributor to his local scene as a promoter over the years as well.

This mixed is stacked with bangers! Jay’s leveling will make sure the bass keeps those speakers vibrating to a nice hum. Tons of vocalized and catchy tracks to sing along to! I really digged the Seven Nation Army Bootleg towards the beggining of the mix. The transitions were professional and proficient. Jay squeezed in a heavy amount of tracks for a mix clocking at just over 42 minutes.

Found out Jay started DJing in 2016. Him being an MC prior to a DJ sparked my interest. I wanted to check some stuff out. We hunted down some media with Jay on MC duties. The Odi b2b I-Cue mix has Jay going back and forth with Dyer MC. The YouTube video is Jay performing with Abel Gein. You can really hear him bring it just right after the 7 minute mark.

Excellent shit! Be sure to give Jay a follow on Mixcloud and check out the rest of his mixes. Enjoy this Graveyard Radio Exclusive Mix, we’ll see you next time!