This weekend Graveyard Radio is proud to present one of Diablo Syndrome’s most bass heavy releases to date! This is another all original mix from Diablo, and he has produced some fire tracks for his 3rd Graveyard Radio Exclusive in our library to date.

I mean it! Diablo is pushing the rails of drum and bass, jungle, and edm. All the mixes are perfectly blended! It’s cunningly presented as it sets the mind into different emotions. There is some feeling of funk throughout, along with a feeling of serenity sprinkled here and there for a small break or 2 from the heavy hitters. It does let up one bet honestly, but you will get a couple small breaths in. The volume, range, and all out dynamics I heard in the tracks in the ride this morning punched the speakers nicely.

Also worth mentioning, Diablo Syndrome released a video for one of the tracks featured on the mix last week on YouTube. Diablo continues to use his talent’s to create amusing and rad video edits to coincide with his music. As anyone that follows his Instagram knows, he never ceases from being fresh and entertaining when promoting his craft.

Diablo Syndrome continues to grow his impressive body of work. This mix is another fantastic work of art for our ever growing collective of underground content.