This night was a non-stop, move your feet, dance-fest from beginning to end. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, INVY definitely brings the party! This club reminds me of some of the big clubs I frequented in New England and Florida. It is also the only one of its kind in Indianapolis. If you haven’t been there, you’re definitely missing out!   

TRθLL warmed up the night with hypnotic, trolloping beats that drew people to the dancefloor as they filed in.      

Uriah turned the party up a few notches with driving tech house beats that had everyone sweating on the floor. He has a way of captivating the crowd and keeping people dancing through his entire set!   

John Summit, a Chigaco native, has been dropping hit after hit, and tearing up dancefloors world-wide with tracks like “Deep End” and “Make Me Feel”. This evening was no exception.    

One thing I want to make mention of is the connection  each one of these DJs have with their fans. They are not high and mighty statues playing in a booth, ignoring the fans. They CONNECT with them, and the love their fans give back is palitable. 

 Sure, the light were out of this world, the sound was the dopeness, the dancers rad AF, but if you ask me, the incredible down to earth connection the DJs had, that is what made this show so spectacular.